Mopart is a French post-production company based in Paris and specialized in visual effects, motion graphics, color grading and mastering for feature films, tv series and advertising.


Mopart provides production strategies and support from pre-production through finishing on any level for file-based acquisition, multiple cameras and formats, and multiple deliverables thanks to our talented team and our high-end equipment.


01 Dailies and Asset Management

Mopart can produce your dailies in every deliverable you need. Our team will work with you to create the look.

Mopart provides RAW transcoding to editorial material, upload on a secure review platform and LTO Backup. 



02 Editing

Productions can begin their project at the earliest stage by renting rooms based on Avid, Adobe ans Final Cut Systems.

  • Avid
  • Adobe
  • Final Cut

03 Visual Effects

Mopart has ability to design, supervise, and execute visual effects pipelines from preproduction to delivery on feature films, television and commercial projects.

Matte painting, 3D composition, set extension, animation, incrustations, clean/enhancement: our team of graphic designers is committed to enhancing the visual impact and beauty of your film.

  • Matte painting
  • 3D composition
  • Set extension
  • Animation
  • Incrustation
  • Clean/enhancement

04 Digital Intermediate

Mopart will collaborate with you to guide your project. Starting in pre-production, our team helps you design your look.

Mopart ensure the most efficient processing of RAW file formats and camera media.

Mopart works hand-in-hand with colorists, cinematographers, directors, and producers to make artistic visions a reality.


05 Mastering

Mopart masters DCI-compliant 2K/4K, 2D and 3D DCP for global distribution services.

Mopart masters mezzanine and video files SMPTE compliant HD,UHD, and HDR.


06 Screening

Nicely screening room around 10 seats, with christie projector and doremi dcp server. Experience your movies in 5.1 and 7.1 sound.

  • 10 seats
  • Christie projector
  • Doremi dcp server
  • 5.1 and 7.1 sound


Mopart is part of a network of independent companies, all working closely to provide every service in film and commercial production.


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